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HOB X11Gate Provides Secure Remote Access to Unix/Linux Servers

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 15:00
HOB, market leader in pure software-based remote access solutions, today announced the launch of HOB X11Gate, a new remote access solution that allows users fast and easy access to
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MariaDB Enterprise adds Suse Linux and IBM Power8 support

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 17:22
Also brings with it tailored notifications
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Skinny Ubuntu Linux 'Snapped' up by fat Microsoft cloud

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 16:31
All the libraries, just 110MB A smartphone-inspired version of Ubuntu Server for Docker minimalists has been revealed with initial backing from Microsoft.…
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Newly uncovered Linux Trojan represents 'missing piece' in four-year Turla malware attacked

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 12:53
Linux component of Turla Trojan could've been used in the wild for four years, warn Kaspersky and Symantec
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Linux software nasty slithers out of online watering holes

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 00:46
Windows-popping Trojan thought to be govt-built takes a bite from penguinistas A malware instance built on the shoulders of a trojan so powerful it lead to the creation of the US Cyber Command has been updated with Linux-popping capabilities, Kaspersky researcher Kurt Baumgartner says.…
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Linus Torvalds releases Linux 3.18 as 3.17 wobbles

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 06:31
Seven release candidates is enough Linus Torvalds has pressed the go button for a new release of his eponymous kernel.…
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£50 MIPS is a micro-computer running Android and Linux

Fri, 12/05/2014 - 17:52
Rapberri Pis are all the rage these days, but now there's a new kid on the micro-computing block. Unveiled by British chip design company Imagination Technologies, the MIPS Creator CI20 is being dubbed as a rival mini-comp to the venerable Pi. Running both Android and Linux systems, the MIPS Creator CI20 is an affordable micro-computer ($65/£50) that packs a micro punch. It possesses more memory ...
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Linux is winning enterprise cloud market share at expense of Windows

Fri, 12/05/2014 - 15:22
Open source software is biting Microsoft in business
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Imagination Technologies wants to drive the Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi rival

Thu, 12/04/2014 - 17:52
Releases a single-board minicomputer for both Android and Linux developers
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Linux Foundation Expands Management Team to Respond to Growth

Thu, 12/04/2014 - 12:00
The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating Linux and collaborative development, today is announcing the addition of industry veterans Steve Westmoreland, Laura Kempke, Philip ...
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Joyent Announces Linux Branded Zones and Extension of Docker Engine to SmartDataCenter Provides a New Platform to Run ...

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 16:00
Joyent, Inc., the container infrastructure company, today announced two open source initiatives and the general availability of a first-class container service in the Joyent Public Cloud to accelerate ...
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The Linux Foundation Releases Report Detailing Linux User Trends Among World's Largest Companies

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 12:01
The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, today announced the immediate release of the "2014 Enterprise End User ...
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Ten Linux freeware apps to feed your penguin

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 10:16
Out with the old and in with the GNU Product round-up Much to the dismay of many a sysadmin, Linux is no longer purely the domain of Captain Command-Line and his trusty side-kick Admiral APT. For those looking to make the most of their new-fangled graphics-capable hardware, here’s a selection of freeware to start with, in our case as installed on Ubuntu 14.04:…
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The Linux Foundation Announces 2015 Events Schedule

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 21:40
The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, today announced its 2015 events schedule, which includes LinuxCon and CloudOpen ...
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TeamViewer Announces Launch of TeamViewer 10

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 17:00
TeamViewer®, one of the world’s most popular providers of remote control and online meetings software, today marked the 10th Anniversary of its TeamViewer software release with the launch of TeamViewer 10.
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Wind River Continues Its Dominance as Global Embedded Leader

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 14:00
Wind River®, a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, announced its achievement as the continued real-time operating system and embedded Linux market leader according to the latest findings from VDC Research.
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CONTAINER WARS! CoreOS blasts at Docker with rival Rocket tool

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 21:03
Claim's Docker's direction is 'fundamentally flawed' CoreOS, the lightweight Linux distro based around Linux containers and Docker, has decided to break with Docker and develop its own, competing application container tech.…
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Imagination brings virtualised Linux security to the Internet of Things

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 10:52
Embedded hypervisor runs multiple operating systems in complete isolation
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Geometry WarsTM Franchise Available Now on Mac and Linux for First Time Ever

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 22:33
Aspyr Media, in partnership with Sierra™, announced today that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is available now on both Mac and Linux platforms through Steam and coming soon to Apple’s Mac App Store.
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Antarctic ice THICKER than feared – penguin-powered bot boffins

Tue, 11/25/2014 - 06:16
Autonomous sub probes freezing waters Vid After using a submersible Linux-powered robot to scan the frozen waters of Antarctica, climate and ecosystem scientists have concluded: "The Antarctic sea ice may be thicker than previously thought."…
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